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Note:  This site/team build is designed to help those who signup here or those who are in my Karatbars left leg.
- I will need to know your affiliate id if you signed up here and want to be in on the Karatbars team build.
-How much does it cost to be a part of the Karatbars team build? No money. Just let others in on some of the cool things about Karatbars they DON’T see on sales pages (A review or your WHY) and leave positive comments on this site now and then. ( Be an active member :-)   Member comments will be here: http://karatbars-review.com/karatbars-members-comments
-Where will the traffic/prospects come from? Possibly by paid advertising and by sharing and liking this website. The search engines like websites with lots of comments and activity.  Most people don’t commit to opportunities without doing some research and seeing what others have to say first. They often turn to Google or Bing to see what others are saying.

( Since I own the blog I can see where the traffic is coming from )

karatbars review searchesThey also type in Karatbars review

- You get the direct commissions and can choose to place them on your left or right! Example: If you bought the Karatbars Gold package, You would make approximately $88 when another Gold package is bought or $35 when a silver package is bought.

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